More firms monitor outbound email

Large enterprises are becoming increasingly alarmed about loose security measures for their outgoing email, and 43 percent of them monitor outgoing messages, according to a new survey.

Security-software provider Proofpoint found a "growing urgency" in organisations to reduce risk associated with outbound email.

The report, conducted by Forrester Consulting, stated: "One of the most surprising results of the survey was the high percentage of organisations that reported that they employ staff to monitor outbound email content."

Forrester interviewed 140 "corporate decision-makers" and found that nearly 75 percent of large corporations -- those with more than 20,000 employees -- view the reduction of legal and financial risks associated with outbound email as "important or very important".

In addition to the 43 percent of large firms already monitoring outgoing email, the survey found that another 12.8 percent are planning to institute monitoring measures in the future.

The Proofpoint report also found that 21.4 percent of the companies surveyed also monitored outgoing "instant messages".

The survey found that monitoring measures ranged from relatively simple approaches, such as including monitoring capability in anti-spam software, to more sophisticated approaches, such as encrypting outgoing email.

The report noted several reasons for the growth of email monitoring, including the desire to protect intellectual property, confidential corporate communications, and embarrassing corporate information, as well a desire to comply with new regulatory acts.

Reported by www.itnews.com.au

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