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At Spydex, Inc. we strive to deliver great software at affordable prices, backed up by outstanding support.

Customer Care Center

Customer Care Center If you have ordered software and would like to review your order information, or if you have questions about ordering, payment, or shipping procedures, please visit the Customer Care Center.

Online Help

Before requesting customer support, please check out the Help for the program you are using:

Also, we strongly recommend that you download latest version of software.

Ask in Forum

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to ask in our forum.

Support Request

Technical support is available 7 days a week via email or online form. If you have any questions, comments or bug reports, please contact our support team at:

To get an answer as soon as possible, please include the following information:

  • Product name,
  • Product version (from the "Help -> About" menu),
  • Your order or user identification number (if you're a registered user). This will help us to process your inquiry most efficiently.
  • Windows version (including service packs and other installed fixes or patches), US or International, and if OEM.
  • Your computer information: CPU type and speed, amount of installed memory,
  • Detailed description of your problem (include as much information as possible so that the developers can reconstruct your exact situation in the lab).

In general we prefer email or forum communication because in accordance with our experience people describe their problems / requests / suggestions in more understandable form while they compose text of message. Usually we answer to all emails of our customers within 48 hours maximum.

If you have not received response from us, that means we have not got your letters at all. This is the only reason why we would not answer. In this case, please repeat your inquiry, using this form:

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