"The main use I have for this program is when I am on holidays or away on business I can see all outgoing emails with Email Spy and see all incoming on webmail anywhere in the world.
This way I can monitor all emails and avert any problems which may otherwise occur. One of the side benefits is an offsite backup of all outgoing emails left on the "secret" email server (Leave messages on Server). This has saved my bacon on a couple of occasions.
I am not really in the business of snooping just managing my business so Email Spy really means Email Monitor. Thanks"

"I am very pleased with Email Spy Pro and the information that it has supplied me. I know there are fortune tellers out there that could never predict as precise as Email Spy. There is no more guessing or wondering on my part anymore. Thanks to Email Spy I feel as if I have a better control of my business."
Martin, New Jersey

"Thank you for your answer and prompt support service, and I like your products!
They look promising for me. Stable, Small and Great!"

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