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Spy Lantern Keylogger is a spy software intended for monitoring all aspects of user activity. It allows you to see what exactly they are doing on your PC. You can see every keystroke they've typed in every application. This means that you can get every e-mail they've sent via e-mail client or web based e-mail service. Spy Lantern Keylogger records both sides of chat conversations of ICQ, Yahoo, AIM, MSN and various other Chat/IM programs. It records every online resource they've visited in the Internet or Intranet. You can see every password they've entered, every application they've used and duration of their work. Spy Lantern Keylogger records every user's logon, every power on and power off on your PC.

Spy Lantern Keylogger is the first totally invisible keylogger. So no one can determine that you are watching on him. Additionally Spy Lantern Keylogger is password protected. This means that no one can configure, view reports or even uninstall Spy Lantern Keylogger without supplying valid password.

Unlike other spy software, Spy Lantern Keylogger works excellent in both Windows XP with Fast User Switch enabled and Windows Terminal Services. It also has intuitive user interface and amazing easy-to-understand Reports Viewer with eye catching reports. Using such a powerful tool like Spy Lantern Keylogger you'll be enlightened of what they are doing while you are away.

Products comparison table

Features SLK Pro SLK Home
Keystroke monitoring yes yes
Visited web-sites monitoring yes yes
Passwords monitoring yes yes
Both sides of chat conversations (ICQ, Yahoo, AIM, MSN) yes yes
Screenshot capture yes yes
Applications monitoring yes yes
Windows XP with Fast User Switch enabled compatibility yes yes
Windows Terminal Services compatibility yes yes
Automatic reports delivery to e-mail yes no
Automatic reports delivery to local folder yes no

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Jessica Parker. E-mail:


"I've installed the program with great ease and I find it very easy to use. Love the program and it has been working great for a long time, Thanks a lot, you did a great job! Greetings from Germany."

"Just a quick line just to say what a great program, and best of all. I could not believe in it. How can this be? Keep up the good work!"
Regards, Martin

"Great, it works! I'll buy your program as soon as possible. Thanks again."

"Thank you so much for the help. Everything works fin. Learn something new everyday! Thank you so much again for your help. Have a great day."
John, New Jersey.

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