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Advanced Anti Keylogger is a powerful, easy to use anti-spy program that prohibits operation of any keylogger, either currently in use or in development. Once installed, our anti-spy software will protect your privacy immediately and constantly.

The most scary and dangerous feature of all spy software is the ability to record a computer user's keystrokes. While you are typing out your password and credit card details online, a hacker could be recording your every keystroke on his computer with the right spy software. So, keystroke-monitoring is the core activity of any spy software. Without this ability, any spyware would be absolutely useless.
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Advanced Anti Keylogger is the result of extensive mathematical research and modeling carried out by our specialists. The unique protection algorithm of Advanced Anti Keylogger is based on operating principles common to all types of keystroke monitoring programs, both known and unknown, currently in use or in development. Advanced Anti Keylogger prohibits operation of the most dangerous feature of any spy software: recording of a computer user's keystrokes. So Advanced Anti Keylogger works like personal firewall.

Unlike other anti-spy software currently available worldwide, Advanced Anti Keylogger does not require spyware database updates. What is more, you will save a lot of time because no hard disk or memory scanning is necessary. Once installed, Advanced Anti Keylogger will protect your privacy immediately and constantly.

There are two products editions today: Advanced Anti Keylogger Classic and Advanced Anti Keylogger Lite.

Products comparison table

Features AAK Classic AAK Lite
Protection against keystroke capture yes yes
Protection against screen shot capture yes no
High security mode for common use yes yes
Custom security mode for experienced users yes no
List of currently loaded modules attempting to monitor keyboard activity yes no
Configurable rules list of modules that have tried to monitor keyboard activity yes no
Floating notifications yes yes
Password protected program start yes yes
Changeable tray icon that displays current security mode yes yes

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"...Having said all that, and if I can satisfy myself that you are one of 'us' and not one of 'them' whoever they are, I'm all but convinced that for my money yours is best. At least it's free to try."

"One of the Best investments I ever made. Advanced Anti Keylogger is great. Thank you."

"As usual, thank you very much for support. The program is registered now. The promptness with which you folks answer e-mails is remarkable -- and greatly appreciated.Your program is Great! Thanks."

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